Life groups are guided by the Word, prayer, community and missions, spurring one another on to know God more and obey Him completely.

DNA of LIFE Groups

The Word

God’s Word must be at the center of each LIFE Group because it holds the very words of life. We open the Bible expecting and anticipating God to speak, lead, and guide our group. Christians are to know, meditate, obey, and proclaim the truths of scripture.


Prayer is the fabric that makes our LIFE Groups because it is the lifeline to God and an expression of our intimate relationship with Him. Whether we are together or apart, prayer will define us as a people… always confessing, always seeking, always interceding, always expecting, always praying.


The church is a redeemed people, not a person. Christian living cannot be done as individuals, but only by the body working together, sharing our hearts and lives, praying for one another, asking questions, and bearing each other’s burdens. We strive to love and serve one another by meeting each other’s needs, encouraging growth, and helping each person in our group thrive.


“Go and make disciples” is the commission given to us straight from the mouth of our Lord. The church is God’s chosen instrument to spread the greatest news to every corner of this earth. Consequently, we will witness for Jesus where we are, and send and support witnesses where we are not. LIFE groups must strive together to fulfill the Great Commission and proclaim the gospel to a lost and broken world.

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