We will commit to being obedient to Christ
by sacrificially serving others
so that the gospel of Jesus continues to be advanced.
During this unique time in everyone’s life,
here are pathways to get help, serve, and stay connected.


Tell us your story

When we hear the words “sacrificial service,” many of us think of Christ laying down His life for us. Sacrificial service could mean being asked to give up our physical lives for our Savior, but this is not necessarily the starting point. Sacrificial service means we lay down our plans, our time, and our tasks for gospel advancement. For most of us, the ways we serve will not seem glamorous or fancy. Usually they are simply the result of being willing to make a sacrifice in order to meet a need as it comes along—giving our time, energy, finances, or talents. Please share the ways God has invited you to sacrificially serve in your everyday life. By sharing your story, our church body will be encouraged and motivated to join in sacrificial service to our Lord.

How to Stay Connected

There are several ways for us to stay connected. As we remain physically separated, we can still have fellowship with one another.

Ministry Resources

Our ministries are providing ways to encourage and equip each of us for the spreading of the gospel.

How HHBC is responding to COVID-19

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